Spring Style with The Breton Bird

There once was a boy called Johnny,
And his one true love was Rosie,
He gave her gifts, to win her heart,
And so began this true love story.

Inspired by this little piece of prettiness, Johnny Loves Rosie was created. And as a jewellery fanatic, it’s safe to say I’m already pretty obsessed. Spring is a somewhat awkward, transitional period at the best of times. Do we brave bare arms and bare legs, or do we stick with our trusty winter woollies? One thing is certain- a touch of jewellery makes all the difference. And that’s where Johnny Loves Rosie comes in, adding a little something special to my day to day look.


I’m all about a dainty earring pairing. There’s something so cool about multiple piercings layered up for laid back vibes that still make a statement- which is exactly what’s going on here. The Ellie Double Pearl Stud Earrings combine gold and pearl beautifully, whilst the Heidi Heart Through & Through Earringshave a gorgeous drop swing design for something a little different. Either way, I’m adoring this combo.


If you know me you’ll know I love a cross-body bag, so this little beaut fits in quite nicely with the rest of my wardrobe. Boxy and roomy (despite being compact overall) it would be fair to say I’m a little bit in love. The interchangeable strap only adds an extra touch of sparkle. Heading to work? Opt for the plain black strap. Weekend brunching with the girls? Sparkly, obvs. It’s like two bags in one. And I’m all about that. Shop it here.


It’s no secret that I love an initialled piece which is why this will remain my everyday go to for quite some time. Dainty diamantes contrast against the gold for a subtle sparkle, perfect for wearing with little lace camis in the evening, or as I’ve styled now with a beautiful blouse. Feminine and gorgeous, it also comes set against a pretty card, making it the perfect, personalised gift. Shop the Initial Gift Card Necklace here.


The Johnny Loves Rosie Three Cuff Bracelets have my back. I love to mix metals as I feel it doesn’t tie you down to a particular shade. This lovely trio of silver, gold and rose gold bracelets make for a gorgeous adornment, only made more beautiful with the addition of pearls. Maybe it’s the kid in me speaking, but I also love the idea of these as grown-up friendship bracelets. One for each of ya gals.

So there we have it. A little selection of perfect jewels, unique and personal. Check out the JLR website linked below for a whole array of trinkets and treasures. Just like Johnny was for Rosie, you’ll be smitten. And at the end of the day, if we can’t be sure about the weather, we can at least be sure about our jewels.

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