Our Winter Headband Essentials

We know, you’ve got the January Blues! And with frosty mornings, cold days and darkness by 5pm it’s understandable why. For many of us, all we want to do in the dark winter morning’s is throw on a cosy jumper, avoid the hassle of glamming up and get on with our day. So, when it comes to accessorising our outfits – we all need something that is effortless to style and simple to make those cold mornings that little bit easier.
So, the perfect effortless accessory? Headbands! And here at Johnny Loves Rosie, we can’t get enough! With so many styles, you’ll be able to style one with any hairstyle and hair colour to add an effortless touch of chic to your everyday winter look.

The Newest of JLR Headband Styles

Right on trend and from the newest collection drop at Johnny Loves Rosie are our Bella Knot Headbands! We have them available in ruby red, sophisticated navy and classic black; one fit for everyday of the week. The Bella Knot Headbands are crafted with a floaty material designed in a very on-trend knot style. They will brighten your outfit to have you looking stylish. The Red Bella Knot Headband has a romantic red sheen from its silky satin material to compliment a soft romantic feel, or go for a sophisticated navy shade with our Navy Bella Knot Headband. Keep it classic with the Black Bella Knot Headband – it’s effortless and glamorous due to the soft sheen. The Bella Knot Headbands will have you looking glamorous all day long! Wear them with a pretty hair-do to add a soft, yet glamorous feel.
Top off your look with our new Effie Headbands. Available in black, red and navy these headbands will be an effortless addition to your style. It’s perfectly padded and plaited – the two best things a headband can be. Showcasing it’s gorgeous, voluminous, plaited detail, our Effie Headbands offer a classic, elegant headband that has a natural charm.

A Johnny Loves Rosie Classic


red-headband-thick-padded-selena-johnny-loves-rosie-accessories  emerald-headband-thick-padded-selena-johnny-loves-rosie-accessories
The Selena Thick Padded Headband has been a classic Johnny Loves Rosie style forever and they are an effortless way to glam up your look. And we have just released in 6 new shades! We have the new Navy Selena Thick Padded Headband, Black Selena Thick Headband, Red Selena Thick Headband and the Emerald Selena Thick Headband. The Selena’s are classic JLR styles due to their thick padding which adds volume and excitement to your style. They are right on trend. The Selena Padded Headbands all are crafted using a sumptuous satin material that gives a soft, light sheen for a lavish look – it’s the perfect essential to add a touch of glamour to a simple and easy hair do. With the new colours (Black, Red, Emerald and Navy) you can add pops of colour to your hairstyle depending on how you feel that day. Feeling empowered? Style a sophisticated Navy Selena Padded Headband. Feeling cute? Style the Red Selena Thick Headband. The red silk material will have you feeling girly and romantic all day long! There is plenty of choice to take you through the winter months in style, and through to Spring and Summer!
black-headband-thick-padded-stain-johnny-loves-rosie-accessories  navy-headband-thick-padded-satin-johnny-loves-rosie-accessories

Looking for glamour and sparkle? GLITTER!

We also have 2 new Glitter Selena Padded Headbands! Yes, we said GLITTER! The perfect way to add glam to your look – especially in the gloomy winter months. The Black Glitter Selena Padded Headband and Gold Glitter Selena Padded Headband will be your new go to Headbands for those days you want to feel extra glam and trendy! There really is a Selena for every mood and occasion!
black-glitter-headband-thick-padded-selena-johnny-loves-rosie-accessories  gold-glitter-headband-thick-padded-selena-johnny-loves-rosie-accessories

Beautiful Embellished Headbands

Another way to add effortless style in the winter is with an embellished headband. Just as easy to style as any of the Bella Knot Headbands, Effie Braided Headbands and Selena Padded Headbands! Except with our embellished headbands you get the addition of having beautifully adorned gems, stones and pearls as extra details, for a chic, sumptuous feel. We have the Nude Ellie Pearl Embellished Headband which is decorated with diamantes and pearls – making it versatile and easy to wear! The Ellie Headband is also available in black too! Elegant and sophisticated we also have the Black Cara Floral Embellished Headband. Adorned with lace details and golden floral embellishments that hold lustrous pearls. Available also in blush for a softer look, the Cara Headbands are classy and irresistibly ornate – you can effortlessly look stylish making the embellished headband the statement centrepiece of your look!
blush-headband-pearl-diamante-ellie-johnny-loves-rosie-accessories  black-headband-floral-embellished-johnny-loves-rosie-accessories

Feeling cold?

If you’re feeling the chill, a knitted headband will be your new go to! No need to worry about hat hair, the Black Sophie Embellished Knit Headband will have you feeling warm and stylish! You really can’t go wrong with the Black Sophie Embellished Knit Headband, it’ll be your new favourite winter accessory. Our Esme Headbands are also great for the winter time as a super casual yet chic accessory. It’s time to beat the January Blues with style!
Oh, one more thing, January discount! Yes, that’s right, we are giving you 20% off. We know the January Blues can be deflating, so we have given you 20% off all Johnny Loves Rosie items with the exclusive code ‘JAN20’. Treat yourself and don’t let the January Blues bring you down!
(Keep an eye on our website too! We have some very exciting new Headband drops coming very soon to spice up your Spring accessories collection. We can’t wait to drop it!)


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