Jewellery Care

JLR Jewellery Care

At Johnny Loves Rosie, much of our jewellery is made from base metal and plated with rose-gold, silver or gold and need special attention in order to guarantee a longer period of wear and more JLR styling possibilities. Here is a list of tips for you on how to care for your Johnny Loves Rosie jewellery to ensure you can enjoy the beauty of our special pieces for longer.


You will need to:

Avoid Water. Where possible, avoid water when wearing your Johnny Loves Rosie pieces. Do not place your Johnny Loves Rosie jewellery next to a window, heater, air conditioner or in the bathroom due to water droplets.

Avoid Sweat: Sweat will cause the jewellery to tarnish, so make sure to remove your jewellery when you are exercising and working out. Keep it safe in a zip plastic bag!

Keep your Packaging: Keep your Johnny Loves Rosie jewellery safe between wears by storing in our original boxes or on our branded carding. If not, a great alternative if you no longer have the packaging is to keep them in a zip plastic bag!

Avoid Cosmetics: We’re sure if you’re dressing for the occasion with our jewellery you’ll want to apply your signature scent too – but make sure to apply before you put on your jewellery. Perfumes and lotions will tarnish the jewellery.


Our Materials


Plated Jewellery

Plated pieces will inevitably tarnish over time due to the material’s nature. However, if you keep the jewellery away from water, sweat and cosmetics as stated and ensure they are kept safe, the beauty of your Johnny Loves Rosie jewellery will last much longer.


Vegan Leather

At Johnny Loves Rosie we are proud to be using vegan leather to craft all of our Bags, Pouches and Purses so you can ensure that your purchase is just as sustainable as it is stylish.

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